Max Fritzhand And John Lang Of Squish Support

Max Fritzhand and John Lang, founders and co creators of Squish Support join me to discuss their platform and filling the void within the peer to peer mental illness space.

Squish support is a cognitive behavioral based platform providing peer to peer experienced based support to those struggling with mental illness. Squish also allows those that are living with and functioning with mental illness to share their experiences and offer tool they’ve developed and support to those in need.

Beta testing will launch in mid to late January of 2020. You can sign up in one of three ways;

Seeker: an individual that is seeking advice or support.

Supporter: You will provide insight and support for individuals using your personal experiences.

Ambassador: you will spread mental health awareness through the Squish Support app

sign up is limited during this beta release and to be eligible you must follow @squishsupport on instagram and sign up for their mailing list at